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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Who: My name is Nichole. Well technically, but I like being called Nikki. But you can call me Nichole, I'm pretty laid back like that. In a couple of years you will have to call me Dr. though.

What: A blog about my challenges, set backs, and triumphs while attempting to fulfill my dream of becoming a veterinarian. I will start off with some help on how to prepare to apply to vet school, which is a process that typically takes place over several years.

When: I am a part of the veterinary class of 2015. Therefore, my information and tips are pretty valid and up to date. Unless you are reading this from the distant future. If you are, by any chance, reading this from the distant future- I apologize for any outdated information.

Why: My path to vet school was bumpy because I did not have much guidance as to what exactly was required. I'm hoping that by sharing my experiences, any readers with the same dream of being a vet can skip over experiencing anything the hard way.

If you are reading this and are planning on applying to vet school, feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments section.

Rule to live by: Ask for help whenever you can, the worst you can get is a "no."

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